"No New Coal" Photo Gallery

In this climate emergency there can be ..


The proposed new coal mine (planning decision to be made 2nd October) would produce vast emissions and lock West Cumbria into a dying industry instead of investing in the thousands of long term, decent, well-paid, unionised climate jobs that we need. This is an opportunity to move away from business as usual, build a future for our children and really build back better after Covid-19, as communities and future generations deserve.

If you agree, you can join this gallery! Why not send us a photograph of yourself holding a clear message explaining why you oppose this coal mine, and what you want to see instead. Please send images - either landscape or portrait but preferably quite low resolution (ie: less than 500kB) by email: mailto:nocoalselfies@xrsl.earth

We may share your image here and on social media as part of our campaign.