Stop the Mine!

Stop the Mine!

Join us on 20th August to continue our protests! We’re meeting at 0830 on New Road Common, Kendal, LA8 4AY.

This was going to be the decision day, but once again the meeting of the CCC “Development, Control and Regulation Committee” has been postponed, apparently because the Officers’ Report wasn’t ready. We’re not attaching too much meaning to this delay, but are hopeful that it’s because the highly credible evidence submitted by objectors is making justification of a ‘go ahead’ decision difficult. It certainly suggests that the council no longer feel able to ‘wave it through’.

Although the decision is now delayed until 2nd October, processes are ongoing behind the scenes that will affect it, and we are proceeding with the demonstration in order to keep the spotlight on them.

Please join us!

Why the coal mine is such a bad idea: