Oily money out!

A group of activists from XR in Cumbria was in London this week alongside Greta Thunberg and activists from across the UK and Europe, to protest at the Oil and Money Conference (rebranded as the Energy Intelligence Forum), a pre-Cop28 meeting of global fossil fuel organisations and their financiers.

Our small Cumbrian group blocked one of the entrances to the venue for 6 hours, marched through the City to protest outside the offices of potential insurers of the West Cumbria Coal mine and the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), gave speeches about not insuring the coal mine, occupied one of the insurer’s offices, joined young activists from Norway in a protest outside the Norwegian Embassy to Stop the Rosebank oilfield and featured in many of the press images syndicated around the world.

We will continue to focus our disruption on the pillars of power: the fossil fuel companies, their financiers, their political enablers and their supporters in the mainstream media.