Coal Mine Approved

The pointless and environmentally devastating Whitehaven Coal Mine has been given the go-ahead this evening by Michael Gove.

The decision comes 3 ½ years after Parliament declared an ‘environmental & climate emergency’, and yet we still have a government that refuses to take the situation seriously. We must have no new fossil fuel extraction!

It is inevitable that this mine will not be allowed to complete it’s planned lifetime. It’s not only environmentally reckless, it’s also pointless (see Channel 4 report from May). A future government will be forced to close it, and we will continue to pressure for that time to come sooner rather than later.

Figures dressed in white boiler suits & masks, surrounded by blue smoke, standing in front of old mine lift near Whitehaven. They're holding a larger banner which reads: "This stinks - No new coal - Green jobs"

What can you do?

  • If you use Twitter: Engage in Coal Action Network’s ‘Twitter storm’ tonight & Thursday: Tweet with a photo holding up a sign to show your reaction – eg. ‘No New Coal’ – ‘Stop Coal Now!’ – ‘New Coal = Climate Crime’ – ‘Green Jobs, Not Coal’ etc. Tweets should include: #StopCoal @luhc @CoalActionUK . If you can’t do your own photo, just use some relevant picture
  • Come along to the anti-mine rally, at the Whitehaven site, at 11.00am on Saturday 10th December
  • Listen out for news of further demonstrations around Cumbria over the next few days (you can sign up to our mailing list here)
  • Keep an eye on the SLACC website for news of their probable upcoming legal challenge to the mine and associated crowdfunder
  • Sign up for XR’s ‘The Big One‘: Mass rally in London on 21st April 2023 – We need everyone this time!