Beware ‘good’ news!

Cumbria County Council to reconsider coal mine decision

The huge outpouring of anger about the proposed coal mine at Whitehaven Cumbria, and the legal pressure applied by SLACC’s legal team at Richard Buxton Solicitors give us objectors to the mine another chance to express our views.  Cumbria County Council (CCC) have just announced that they will reconsider their (October 2020) decision to approve the mine. Read about it in the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald

SLACC’s legal team have written 3 times to CCC since the 6th January 2021, presenting the new information about the UK 6th Carbon Budget, and highlighting why the intervention from the Climate Change Committee means that Cumbria was wrong to conclude the mine would have ZERO (!!!) negative impacts on the global climate. 

It’s good news – we’re making progress – but we must beware: Cumbria County Council will almost certainly be seeking to justify a further decision to approve, as a way of defending themselves from a Judicial Review. Do not expect their planning officers to change their minds and advise Councillors to refuse this time. It is possible that the Committee meeting will be as soon as 19th February, and objectors will have little more than a week to prepare further objections and apply to speak at the Committee.

But why is this decision is back with Cumbria County Council at all? Why hasn’t the government called it in?

This mine will have international consequences not just in terms of it’s direct contributions to global warming, but also by setting a poor example to other nations when the UK hosts the ‘last chance’ UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November. It’s another example of government failure that they’ve refused to step up and ‘call in’ this decision.

But the pressure on the government is building. See the following articles for some recent examples:

Keep up the pressure!