Jenrick abdicates responsibility for mine emissions!

On 6th January we learnt that Robert Jenrick (Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government) has given the new Whitehaven coal mine permission to proceed by refusing to ‘call-in’ Cumbria County Council’s 2/10/20 decision. His excuse that “these decisions are best determined locally” is an abdication of Government responsibility to decide on huge CO2e emissions of international importance leaving this instead on the shoulders of local councillors who have shown very little understanding of climate change. Some of those councillors made clear in their speeches on 2/10/20 that they did not feel equipped to make decisions relating to the climate changing effects of coal emissions.

How can 9 Million Tonnes of C02e emissions per year be a local planning issue? Many councillors based their decisions simply on the (questionable) promises of 500 or so jobs. This is another example of government failure.

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Whilst the Government is abdicating responsibility, our friends at South Lakes Action on Climate Change are stepping up. Please consider supporting their fundraiser toward a legal appeal.

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