Cumbria County Council’s Climate Crime

Cumbria County Council’s Development Control and Regulation Committee met on 2nd October[1].  Once again they made the wrong decision, based on the priorities of the past, lacking comprehension of the challenges of the future. The evidence put before them was crystal clear – this mine will have a significant harmful impact on the Climate Crisis – but they recklessly voted for it anyway.

In this Climate Emergency we can permit no new fossil fuel extraction, whether for metallurgical or thermal use.  Were ‘ecocide’ a crime (and it surely must become one), these councilors could expect investigations for criminal negligence

This decision now needs to be ‘called in’ by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick.  Please sign the ’38 degrees’ petition to that effect, started by Coal Action Network.  The petition got 1200 signatures within it’s first hour!

Add your signature NOW!

[1] The meeting was actually online, so County Hall was as close as we could get to the scene of the crime