Last minute objections

Cumbria County Council’s officers have published their report on the proposed coal mine at Whitehaven, ahead of the planning meeting on Friday October 2nd. Sadly, the recommendation is that the councilors should grant planning permission.

There are several conditions attached to the recommendation. Two important ones are:

  1. Coal production should stop in 2049: This suggests some acceptance that the coal produced won’t be carbon neutral, but also a rather strange view of that somehow 2049 is some sort of magical cut off point when we know we need to be radically and drastically reducing our carbon footprint NOW.
  2. The coal mined should be of a certain quality (ie have a low sulphur content): Current evidence suggests that the coal at Whitehaven is of a higher sulphur content.

New objections to these two conditions can be sent to:

Mention the application Ref No: 4/17/9007, and please send your objections either today or tomorrow (Tuesday 29th) in order to ensure that they can be noted and counted in time for Friday’s meeting.  Spread the word! Thank YOU!